Stop Looking for Mentors: Instead, Find Strong Partnerships

Authored by Guest Blogger, Carrie Majewski

A few years ago, I believed in the power of mentors—of scouring the land for the brightest, most passionate, exceedingly selfless mentors who could impart pearls of career wisdom. As the best-selling business books and keynoters all contend: find mentors, particularly those in your industry, who you believe have the potential to shape, guide and nourish your career. And, above all else, make sure you are mentor worthy.


10 Ways to Maximize Your One-person Content Marketing Team

When asked how content marketing is structured within their organization, 55 percent of B2B business owners said they have a small (or one-person) content marketing team that serves the entire organization.

I get it. Budget balancing and/or a lack of internal bandwidth can make it exceedingly difficult to support a centralized content marketing team. It’s not easy but, if approached correctly, one dedicated person can have as much content marketing impact as a group. The goal, of course, is to graduate to a larger team structure down the road; however, for the time being, it’s possible for companies to not only survive with a one-person team, but thrive.


Old Content Piling Up? Here’s What to Do with It

We’ve all been there before. You’re putting together a weekly eNewsletter when you realize you’ve been promoting the same three whitepapers for the last month. The only way to integrate more visuals into your social campaign is to rotate through the same four videos that were produced over a year ago. You have some amazing eBooks that your team created a few quarters ago, but you’ve already exhausted them in every way, shape and form.


Sophisticated or First Steps: Driving Success at Every Content Marketing Maturity Level

When it comes to content marketing maturity, it seems organizations are stuck. Consider that in 2016, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) reported that content marketing maturity levels were roughly proportionate: approximately one-third of businesses were in the early stages; one-third in the adolescent stage; and one-third in the sophisticated/mature stage. This year, however, CMI reported slightly worse rankings: 28 percent were in the sophisticated/mature stage; 35 percent in the adolescent stage; and 36 percent in the early stages of content marketing.

Marketers should generally become more effective with content marketing as they gain experience, so what’s the reason behind these worsening figures?


Every Content Marketing “How to” You Could Want in One Place

Chances are, you have tons of great ideas for content marketing in 2017. Conceptualizing your brand or visualizing where you’d like to take your business is not necessarily the problem. In your head, you’re imagining sprawling social media campaigns destined to drive engagement. You’re picturing a sleek Web design that’s perfect for capturing leads. You’re envisioning an impressive archive of white papers and case studies that speak to your thought leadership and reputability. In your head, you’ve published dozens of blogs that are custom-tailored to your target audience.


Here’s Why 95 Percent of Your Content Doesn’t Matter

Research shows that a very small fraction of a company’s content — just 5 percent of it— accounts for 90 percent of overall customer engagement. That means 95 percent of branded content doesn’t really matter.

With so little brands taking the time to truly nurture their content marketing plans, it’s easy to see this being true. That doesn’t make it any less frightening though (and you thought Halloween was scary).


Make the Most of Facebook by Using These New Features

Facebook without question dominates today’s social landscape. In fact, it is the most used social platform among B2C marketers—used by 94 percent. The company continues to introduce innovative new features that give its platform the functionality of 10 social tools in one, making it a powerful resource for business owners of all kinds.