White papers—long-form assets designed to educate and inform on a specific subject—are great for generating quality leads, increasing site traffic and improving thought leadership. Currently, 71% of B2B marketers produce white papers and 63% say they are effective–even more effective than eNewsletters, blogs, and videos.

After years of working in an agency environment, I understand the struggle of finding the perfect white paper writer. Endless time, dedication and patience must go into crafting this unique piece of content, and that’s why I never treat white papers lightly.

I understand my clients are dedicating ample time, funds and resources into white paper creation, not to mention these assets are integral for acquiring new customers and sustaining business. My goal is to ensure the final product meets and exceeds clients’ exact needs.

See what Camille Campbell, Product and Solutions Marketing Manager at Avaya, had to say about a white paper we recently worked on together:

camille2“I had the pleasure of meeting Allison through colleagues who had excellent things to say about her work. She was asked to write a whitepaper that ended up completely exceeding my expectations! She took a lot of initiative, needed very little direction and conducted her own, very throughout research. The result was an interesting, informative, easy to read paper. Furthermore, when she was only a quarter way in, the opportunity to use the paper in a customer RFI emerged and she was asked to accelerate the delivery of the paper, which she happily accommodated! I will be calling Allison for further marketing support and will happily recommend her to other colleagues!”