I have traveled nationwide to present on a number of marketing topics, from building a strong social media strategy to the basics of content marketing. I have been invited as a thought leader to participate in tradeshows in Las Vegas, California, New York City and Miami.


Ghostwriting–writing a piece of content in someone else’s voice under their byline–is a specialty of mine. I conduct extensive research on the individual I will be ghostwriting for in order to identify and understand his or her tone, style and “ism’s.” Before we start writing, I create a comprehensive proposal outlining core pillars, prospective topics, overall goals and ideal tone for the individual to ensure all objectives and expectations are in alignment.


Blogging is my bread and butter. It’s one of the first services I started out with and one of my most-used services today. I take pride in customizing my blogs to meet exact needs and specifications. Whether short and quippy or long and educational, I work with you one-on-one to ensure your blog strategy is personalized especially for you.

Web Copy

The first impression a customer has of a company is often based on its website. It’s vital that you engage customers from this first point of contact forward. I work one-on-one with my clients to create custom Web copy that resonates with their target audience and drives action in the form of site shares, engagement and purchases.

White Papers

White papers—long-form assets designed to educate and inform on a specific subject—are great for generating quality leads, increasing site traffic and improving thought leadership. Currently, 71% of B2B marketers produce white papers and 63% say they are effective–even more effective than eNewsletters, blogs, and videos.