Social media is the most-used content marketing tactic among both B2B and B2C marketers—used by 90 percent of B2C and 93 percent of B2B. Despite this, however, one-third of companies don’t believe their social strategy is truly effective, meaning there is plenty of room for improvement.

My clients strategically leverage me for a number of social media needs, from creating social posts to tidying up social profiles to conducting social research to help support a specific project or campaign. I am also available to assess existing social strategies and advise on actionable steps to take for quickly and efficiently improving.

See what Emily Cretella, Founder of Cursive Content Marketing, had to say about a yearlong social media project we worked on together:

“Allison is an incredible writer with a knack for social storytelling. She has helped me turn a client’s printed publication into a year’s worth of interesting and engaging social updates. She does her research, she is detail-oriented, and she knows what works with social media marketing.” 

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