Ghostwriting–writing a piece of content in someone else’s voice under their byline–is a specialty of mine. I conduct extensive research on the individual I will be ghostwriting for in order to identify and understand his or her tone, style and “ism’s.” Before we start writing, I create a comprehensive blog proposal outlining core blogging pillars, prospective blog topics, blog topic missions and ideal blog tone for the individual to ensure all goals and expectations are in alignment.

I have ghostwritten for a number of CEOs, CMOs, CIOs and other high-level executives, mastering their individual styles and bringing their unique perspectives to light. Most notably, I ghostwrote a blog for an organization that was collaborating with the world-renowned Mellon family in order to promote the highly anticipated launch of a new autobiography and charity campaign.

See what Jenna Marzullo-Stockwell, Independent Associate at Viridian Energy, had to say about the blogs I penned for her under her name:

jenna“I had the pleasure of working with Allison for the past year. She helped write the content for my monthly blog. I can honestly say I looked forward to our monthly meeting as Allison was creative, professional and a true pleasure to work with! On months I struggled with ideas for content she always knew the perfect questions to ask to help get the content flowing! I felt she accurately was able to capture who I truly am through her listening and very gifted writing abilities!”

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