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10 Content Marketing Rules to Live By

Over 90% of companies now use content marketing, with 56% saying they are extremely committed to their efforts. How can these organizations ensure their hard work yields desired results? What wise words or instructions can be imparted for achieving content marketing success? If you ask me, there are 10 content marketing rules organizations should live by:

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The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing Metrics

Full disclosure: a lot of the information below is drawn from Curata’s “Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Metrics and Analytics” written by Founder and CEO Pawan Deshpande.

You’ve been working hard to consistently produce high-quality content, but is it driving measurable improvements for your organization? The only way to tell is by aligning content marketing goals with specific metrics, something less than 20% of companies believe they are exceeding at.

Content should be strategically used to gauge and improve business performance. How can companies effectively do so using metrics?

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Mo Content, Mo Problems: Breaking through the Noise

Cumulus Media has released its newest edition of “What Happens in an Internet Minute?” and it’s worth noting for content marketers. The infographic shows that every 60 seconds…

  • 3.7 million search queries are conducted
  • 187 million emails are sent
  • 174,000 people scroll through Instagram
  • $862,823 is spent on online shopping
  • 4.3 million videos are viewed on YouTube
  • 375,000 mobile apps are downloaded
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[INFOGRAPHIC] These Numbers Prove the Power of a Strong Content Marketing Freelancer

Outsourcing content marketing is not taboo. I repeat, it is not taboo. In fact, with 60% of B2B and B2C companies now outsourcing at least one content marketing activity, it can be argued that the practice is necessary for brand survival.

The question then becomes: how do you find the right partner to outsource to? You can have one (though I wouldn’t recommend that). You can have many. You can do whatever you like. Just make sure your partner is reliable with a proven track record. Here’s mine…

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Picking a Content Marketing Priority, Part 3

As marketers, we only have so much time to get things done: campaign testing, lead generation, social media management, etc. This especially applies to content marketing. With organizations using up to 12 different content formats to achieve strategic objectives, it’s expected that priorities are set to drive desired outcomes. In Part 1 of this series I explored the possibilities of prioritizing social media and case studies, and in Part 2 videos and eBooks/white papers. In concluding this series, let’s look some of today’s most critical content formats: blogs, infographics and email.

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3 Tips for Stimulating Your Marketing Genius

Authored by Guest Blogger, Carrie Majewski

As a marketer, there are so many competing thoughts that run through your head regularly:

  • Will our marketing qualified leads (MQLs) successfully convert to sales qualified leads (SQLs?)
  • How fast is our data decaying?
  • Will our annual event generate business?
  • Are our content marketing efforts proving effective or futile?
  • How can I stay fresh with blog topics?

The list is endless…

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Picking a Content Marketing Priority, Part 2

There’s a quote I’ve always liked: “To change your life, you need to change your priorities.” The same goes for content marketing. You’ll need to switch up content priorities to see what works best for your brand. Remember: you can do anything, but you can’t do everything—at least not all at once.

So, where should you start? In Part 1 of this series, I explored two content avenues to take: social media and case studies. Now, let’s explore videos, eBooks and white papers…

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Picking a Content Marketing Priority, Part 1

When it comes to content marketing, everything can’t be a priority (especially for businesses with a small or one-person team). You’ll have to make tough decisions, and you’ll need to ensure those decisions are the right ones for your company. Should you double down on blogging? Hone in on white papers and case studies? Explore new email campaigns?

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A Deconstructive Approach to Finding and Keeping New Clients [FREE WORKSHEET]

Prospecting: it’s a tricky thing, no? In today’s digital era, there are so many ways to cast your net into an open sea of contacts. This has been a focal point lately for my own business (I was able to build a client base rather quickly, but surely don’t want to rest on my laurels). As such, I’ve been researching, speaking with colleagues and attending webinars to find fresh direction for prospecting success.