When it comes to content marketing, everything can’t be a priority (especially for businesses with a small or one-person team). You’ll have to make tough decisions, and you’ll need to ensure those decisions are the right ones for your company. Should you double down on blogging? Hone in on white papers and case studies? Explore new email campaigns?

Every organization’s approach will look different. But what if you’re not even sure where to start? Perhaps you’re challenged with creating a cohesive strategy, or you’ve done some aspects of content but have yet to make it an ongoing process (as is the case with 34% of organizations).

My suggestion is to identify your top content priority and go from there. This three-part series is designed to help you sift through your options, starting with social media and case studies:

Social Media

Used by 94% of marketers, social media is the No. 1 type of content used for marketing purposes. My suggestion is to start slow and build your way up. I’ve seen many clients do either one of two things in terms of social: blast their accounts with content that goes unrecognized because it doesn’t target social algorithms OR blast their accounts with content and then trickle off after realizing how much time and effort goes into social media management.

Start slow and use that extra time to learn about key social algorithms (like the latest one Zuckerberg announced on January 11). The better you understand how social platforms operate, the better you can use them to your brand’s advantage.

Case Studies

This is the second most-used type of content for marketing purposes. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, I recommend rethinking the traditional case study. A PDF on your site may resonate with customers, but you’d be doing your brand a disservice by ignoring unique new ways to attract and retain. One of my favorite examples comes from an unlikely source: Kim Kardashian.

To promote the launch of her new makeup line last year, Kim filmed makeup tutorial videos with several famous beauty YouTubers like Jaclyn Hill and Patrick Starrr. The videos serve as organic, effortless and completely captivating testimonials of the quality of her products.

If you’re wondering whether to prioritize videos, eBooks or white papers, you won’t want to miss Part 2 of this series. Check back in soon!


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