At its core, content marketing is about creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content. It’s a two-part process: creation, then distribution. If you’re preparing to pump up your brand with amazing new content in 2018 (you should be!) then you need to consider how and when that content will be shared. This plays a huge part in attracting your target audience and driving profitable customer action.

So, which formats should you be using to effectively distribute the content you create? Here are the top five formats B2B marketers say they use (from CMI’s 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report):

1. Email: This is the No. 1 format, used by 93% of marketers. The most popular types of emails used for content marketing purposes include: event emails (63%), lead nurturing emails (51%), monthly newsletters (48%), automated confirmation emails, such as a welcome email (45%), drip campaigns (45%), promotional emails (42%) and ad hoc newsletters, meaning no set schedule (31%)

2. Social media: A close second is social media, used by 92% of marketers. Top platforms include: LinkedIn (97%), Twitter (87%), Facebook (86%), YouTube (60%), Instagram (30%) and Google+ (28%). If you’re not sure which platforms are right for your brand, check out this blog and this blog.

3. Blogs: A classic format used by 79% of marketers today, and rated effective by the majority of today’s content marketing top performers. For blogging tips and tricks, check out this blog, this blog and this blog.

4. In-person events: 56% of marketers say they rely on in-person events to distribute their content. This could mean exhibiting at a small business expo (one of my favorites, 2018 schedule here) for a pretty doable fee (I’ve been quoted at $3k). Or, simply attending and handing out flyers, brochures and more.

5. Webinars/virtual events: A little over half (55%) of marketers use webinars, webcasts and other virtual events to distribute content. This format turns written words into spoken ones for a more authentic and interactive experience. And a Q&A at the end allows for good rapport with subject matter experts that delivers great added value.

According to CMI, the average organization uses five different distribution formats. So, ready to get started?

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