I’m going to make a statement that not everyone will like. In fact, some will passionately disagree with it. Ready? No one person or organization can expertly know and do all things. This undoubtedly includes those in content marketing. Allow me to explain…

Surely, you can find a content marketing agency that touts itself as “full service” (in other words, all-knowing and all-seeing). Let me give you a real-life example of one such company; an organization that was taking on more than it could chew. This organization had a team of eight editors who managed about 85 clients: about 10 accounts per person.

Let’s break this down further. Each editor was expected to write about 4-5 articles per day. These articles were expected to be of top-shelf quality; highly researched, expertly executed, concise yet informative. In addition to this, there were weekly client calls, team meetings, writing for the company’s weekly blog and eNewsletter, creating comprehensive editorial calendars…the list goes on. The more articles an editor could write, the greater his or her productivity appeared. In this environment, each client was treated like a number.

Unfortunately, many companies are run this way. Managers have little to no visibility into the true nature of their operations. They either don’t know or don’t care that their departments are overworked and understaffed. They overpromise and under provide. On paper, they appear to offer immeasurable value. In reality…well, you get the point.

This is why I am so passionate about the work I do as an independent content marketer, consultant and brand strategist. It’s why I am so adamant about providing only the best quality to my clients. It’s why I consider each of my clients true friends. We talk about the universities their children are hoping to attend. I send them handwritten holiday cards each year.

On the other hand, some professionals are indeed well-skilled in many fields. These individuals, however, must either work at lightening speed to turnaround services within such a wide-ranging portfolio; turn down work if they don’t have the bandwidth; or outsource in order to flexibly scale operations. At the same time, there are organizations that expertly offer everything from A-Z. They’ll have true, unparalleled professionals heading up each department. There are just two challenges here: they’re FAR and few between, and they’re VERY expensive. After all, you get what you pay for.

When my clients ask if I provide SEO, graphic design or automation services, I confidently say no. I will then refer them to a list of trusted providers who I know will take care of them. Does this negatively affect my brand or revenue generation? No. In fact, I’d argue the opposite. By carving a niche for myself, I’ve built undisputed clout in one particular field. That has served my business better than I could’ve ever imagined. Does this mean I won’t ever provide SEO, graphic design or automation services? Certainly not. And if/when I do, my clients will know with absolute certainty that they can trust the quality of those services.


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