One thing I am always honest about with my clients is what I can and cannot do for them. As a professional content marketer, I can do many things: content production, proofreading/editing, branding, editorial calendaring. There are a few specific things on my “Cannot Do” list. This isn’t to say I’m not open to learning them; however, to confidently provide these services, I must first master them. That usually requires a long learning curve, which involves ample time and dedication.

I’ve always been of the firm belief that no one professional or organization can expertly know and do all things (you can read this blog to learn why). Having said that, one thing I’m not very knowledgeable about yet is graphic design. I openly tell my clients this. Perhaps one day I’ll broaden my service portfolio to include this. Until then, I know enough to get me by, and that works for now.

If you’re also a novice, here are a few places to quickly and easily get FREE graphic design resources:


FREE STOCK VIDEO: (perfect for quick promo videos!)

FULLY-LOADED VIDEO: (not completely free, but you can get fully-loaded videos including background music and integrated template video/imagery for as low as $8. Note: you have to learn the editing software to customize your video. All instructions included with purchase)


WEB DEVELOPMENT/HOSTNIG: (for a more sophisticated design, advanced functionality and better customer support, you’ll want to eventually pay to upgrade to a premium design)

LOGO: (also not completely free, but you can get a good logo here for as low as $5 along with many other art/illustration services)

EBOOK: WordPress! Once you create the eBook in WordPress, you can convert it using several simple methods, some of which are free. Check out this article to learn more.

ANIMATED ADS: Ripl (mobile app) You can create custom, animated ads to share promos, announce new blogs and more. The app is free, with the option to pay $9.99/mo. for added functionality.

I’ll be updating this blog as I find more free resources. If there are any I didn’t mention that you currently use, comment below and share!

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