Preparing for a product launch or seasonal campaign? Trying to spread the word about the charitable event you’re hosting or that accolade you were recently awarded? Looking for exhibitors for an upcoming trade show? Chances are, there’s something going on within your company that needs to be promoted through content.

At the same time, however, you may not have the resources or bandwidth to support every announcement with a sprawling, content-driven campaign. Or, you might not have the time (such is the world of marketing). The good news is that, depending on the announcement, you don’t always need an abundance of content or time to promote it. All you need is the right strategy.

At the end of the day, it’s not about how much content you produce but rather the impact of the content that you do produce. As I discussed in a previous blog, only 5 percent of content accounts for 90 percent of customer engagement today. Whatever it is that you need to promote within your organization, below is a go-to template for getting the word out fast. What I’ve suggested below includes:

  • One email (you can produce more than one though if you’d like!)
  • One metadata description
  • One Facebook post
  • One Twitter post
  • One postcard

Here’s how you can use the above five components to propel your message:


[Headline options]

  • Headline Option #1
  • Headline Option #2
  • Headline Option #3

Consider the following two headline options for a new store being launched…

New Store. New Perks. More Savings.

New Store Location? Don’t Mind if We Do

[Body copy]

Try to keep this body copy to a maximum of 150-200 words. Be sure to include all pertinent details of the announcement. Consider details that would apply to the above example of the new store launch:

  • What’s the store location?
  • Any promotional discounts being offered to celebrate this new store launch? Starting and ending when?
  • What benefits can customers expect with this grand opening? Anything that will be exclusively offered on-site verses online?
  • Contact information (phone numbers, email, social icons)

Keep the body copy short, sweet and attention-grabbing. If you’re unsure of tone, err on the side of casual and conversational.


In short, metadata is data about data. It is typically used to specify a Web page description, including information like keywords, author of the document, last modified, etc. If you’re promoting your announcement with a dedicated landing page, metadata will be crucial.

[Description: must be 160 characters or less]

For example: Introducing the grand opening of XXXXX’s new store location in XXXXX, including all-new premium in-store services.

[Keywords]: include 7-10


Try to keep between 25-35 words and link to some sort of Web page, blog URL or high-res image ( is one of my personal favs for high-quality photos!)

If you can, try to create at least five Facebook posts and stagger them over the course of 2 weeks leading up to the event/announcement.


Same as above, but abiding by Twitter’s character limit.


[Headline Options]

  • Headline Option #1
  • Headline Option #2
  • Headline Option #3

Consider the following two postcard headline options for the store opening:

You’re Invited

Things Just got Real


Keep this short and sweet at about 100 words. Reiterate the same key talking points from your email but only include the most pertinent parts of your message that your target audience needs to know. This would be the five W’s and the big H (who, what, when, where, why and how).


Ready to get started? I’m looking forward to hearing about your next big “something!” Good luck!

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