Seven Tips for Creating Higher Quality Content

When asked to rate their content marketing success over the last 12 months, 62 percent of organizations said their strategy had become “much more” or “somewhat more” successful. What’s the greatest driver of this increased success? Eighty-five percent say higher quality, more efficient content creation, according to CMI’s 2017 B2B “Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” report.


There’s no denying that high-quality content is at the heart of content marketing success. If you’re looking to improve your content strategy, here are seven blogs that can help you along the way:

  1. Everything You Wanted to Know About Content Methodology
  2. Here’s Why 95 Percent of Your Content Doesn’t Matter
  3. Why Every Blog Needs to be Bylined
  4. Three Things Companies Keep Getting Wrong with Blogging
  5. How to Repurpose Content and Maximize Your Marketing Budget
  6. Three (Time and Budget Friendly) Engaging Pieces of Content You Can Begin Producing Today
  7. Five Things I Learned About Blogging in Five Years

Looking for more tips on succeeding with content marketing? Check out this blog!


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  1. […] Good content is more important than ever. As search engine algorithms have evolved, they’ve placed less emphasis on individual keywords and more importance on how relevant content is to the phrases that people are actually searching for on the Internet. In other words, algorithms are prioritizing content based on how applicable it is to consumers’ actual needs. Makes sense! […]


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