It’s official: 2017 is finally here! Business owners, leaders, and decision makers: as you make the most of this last long holiday weekend, I encourage you to consider how your organization’s content marketing plans are shaping up in preparation for the new year.

After all, 81 percent of the most successful organizations have a clear idea of what an effective content marketing program looks like, according to CMI’s 2017 “B2B Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report.” Overall, 91 percent of these companies say they’re “extremely committed” to content marketing.

If you’re looking for ideas to shape your content marketing program this year, these 10 blog posts of mine may just help do the trick:

  1. Three Questions that Will Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy
  2. It’s Okay to Go Slow…Think Incubation and Evolution
  3. 10 Best Practices for a Successful Product Launch
  4. Three Ways to Use Google Analytics to Your Advantage
  5. Collaborate Outside of Work—You Deserve It
  6. CEOs…Cast Your Voice and Tell Your Story
  7. Three Questions to Ask When Building Your Brand Identity
  8. The Better Your Marketing Strategy, the Better Your Company Culture Must Be
  9. How to Repurpose Content and Maximize Your Marketing Budget
  10. Seven Solid Reasons Companies Should Create a Whitepaper Strategy

Remember: 2017 will be what you make it. Good luck!

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