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LinkedIn represents massive opportunity for businesses today. Just consider that LinkedIn is the most used social platform by B2B companies (used by 94 percent) and over two-thirds of those companies see quantifiable results from their LinkedIn strategy.

When it comes to your content marketing strategy, you can post your content three different ways using LinkedIn:

  1. Sharing an update
  2. Uploading a photo
  3. Publishing a post


Your content will show up in the newsfeeds of your connections regardless of which way you choose to share it; the content will simply look different and will serve a different purpose.

1. Sharing an update: Simply create a LinkedIn blurb about the content you are sharing (more on this below under “tips”) and copy and paste a link to the content. This could be a blog you internally produced, a blog you saw on a third-party site, a video, etc.

Here’s an example of an update I recently shared on LinkedIn (and my blurb):


2. Uploading a photo: Share a photo that resonates with your target audience, or add an update with the photo (this would be some sort of text accompanying the photo). I recommend that you always add updates when uploading a photo.

Example of a photo with an update:


3. Publishing a post: This feature enables you to publish your blogs to LinkedIn as a publishing platform (similar to WordPress). When you publish a post on LinkedIn, all of your followers/connections will be notified that you have published a new piece of content. This of course helps increase the visibility and reach of your custom, original content, as well as increases the chances of your content being read, engaged with and shared. Best of all, posts you publish on LinkedIn become part of your profile—further strengthening your LinkedIn profile and authority as a thought leader.

See the below image for a more detailed look at this option. You would have to copy and paste blogs directly from a Word doc into this publishing platform. This is very easy to do.




  • Every time you go to share something on LinkedIn, include a corresponding blurb: These blurbs are basically quick summaries (no more than three sentences) describing the content you’re sharing on LinkedIn.
  • Always check in on your LinkedIn page to respond to comments/questions and engage with your audience: Try your best to check in at least three times a week.
  • If you feature/mention someone in a blog post, be sure to tag them in LinkedIn when you’re sharing an update: All you need to do is click “Share an Update” and begin typing the person’s name. As you type out the name, the person’s profile will appear in a drop down format. Click the person’s name to “tag” them in your post. This is key for increasing the visibility of your posts on LinkedIn.
  • Engage with your connections: Like, share and comment when someone has posted something interesting. Ask questions. Jump into conversations. Start your own.
  • Leverage analytics: Certain social media management platforms (like Buffer and HootSuite) will grant you access to LinkedIn analytics from the past 30 days. By using these analytics, you can see the types of posts that were best received and gain insight into what days and times you should post content for maximum success.


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