If you’re anything like me, you’re a workaholic. If at any point I have downtime, I’d rather be working. I never knew if I was a workaholic because of the pressures put on me in the corporate world (where I often had no choice but to work 10-12 hour days) or if it was simply in my nature. Once I began working for myself, I learned it was the latter—and I’m glad. I take pride in my tendencies, drive and ambition. I love my desire to work, hustle and constantly do more.

As some may or may not know, my husband and I moved from Connecticut to California just over a month ago. Things have been unfathomably busy these last few weeks, but they are finally slowing down—meaning we’re now getting time more “me” time. I went to the optometrist and got a new prescription (and pretty new frames to put them in). My husband got a new suit. I went to a spa. We found an amazing thrift store and stocked up on new clothes. And you know what? We really needed that.

We didn’t do anything too crazy. We never go all out with money. We always find a way to be practical and frugal. But we needed to take time for ourselves. Between our wedding in May, our honeymoon directly after and driving across the country to move, we have had virtually no time for ourselves. For the last few months, our life has literally been one never-ending checklist of things to do. We still have some things to cross off that list, but we have finally reached a point where we can do things for ourselves—and the result has been a refreshed perspective on life, a recharged mindset and a motivation like never before.

Taking care of ourselves—even sometimes spoiling ourselves—has reminded us that we are in fact important, and that our hard work pays off. This isn’t to say that we aren’t aware of our value or worth; rather, we sometimes need a reminder that not only is it okay to enjoy ourselves, but it is encouraged and necessary to in order to see ultimate success. In order to be happy with ourselves. In order to be happy in our professions. In order to see ourselves excel in our endeavors.

There’s nothing like the feeling of pushing the boundaries and surpassing new goals in your career. At the same time, there’s nothing like the feeling of slowing down, taking a deep breath, turning off your phone and doing something for yourself. Even if this means taking care of errands or chores around the house. If that’s what you feel like doing, do it. For example, I just washed and dusted our cars and it made me feel incredibly accomplished to do something outside of work.

Self-care is vital for professional and personal success. As much as you love the hustle and grind, remember that every badass champion (be it a stay-at-home mom, a blue collar worker or a freelance writer) needs time for themselves, too. Whatever you need to get done can wait. You deserve your “me” time, and you’ll thank yourself later for it.

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