Creating a content marketing strategy may be overwhelming, but finding new ways to keep your strategy fresh and engaging is a real brain buster. The beginning of a company’s content marketing journey is a vast space full of new possibilities and outcomes; however, options and opportunities and seem to dwindle the longer you go at things.

We’re halfway through 2016, making now the perfect time for companies at every stage of content marketing to reevaluate the steps they have taken, as well as what they hope to accomplish by year’s end. For companies on the “mature” end of the content marketing spectrum, finding a way to continuously elevate your strategy—while remaining relevant to your target audience—can be tricky.

Here are a few ideas to help inspire those companies that feel as if their wells are running dry:

  1. Create a new (and more specific) eNewsletter

Tailor this new eNewsletter to a specific audience (perhaps a specific segment within your target audience) or try targeted a specific audience persona. Or, try having an eNewsletter that is delivered by a different source. For example, instead of delivering an eNewsletter that features company-centric news—i.e. your blogs, videos, etc.—have an eNewsletter that is delivered from your customers’ POV. If you’re in the healthcare industry, consider an eNewsletter delivered from a staff perspective—like doctors or nurses. For education, try a parent-to-parent eNewsletter. The point is to think outside the box.

  1. Dig deeper into your audience personas

As every company knows, customers’ needs and demands are always changing. Work on building new personas within your target audience—or, challenge yourself to identify how existing personas may have changed or evolved over the last six months, year, etc. Ask yourself how your content marketing efforts must be modified or improved upon accordingly.

  1. Create content categories

You may regularly post blogs about a diverse number of engaging topics, but do you categorize your blog content into varying topical buckets? Doing so will improve the visual effectiveness and navigability of your blog, improving the overall Web UX for your site visitors. Make it easy for readers to jump to content that is most important or relevant to them by listing these content categories as a header of your blog homepage, or as a sidebar. The most effective blog sites tend to have between 4-6 content categories.

  1. Create an eBook or infographic

Not many companies are creating eBooks or infographics, and yet the competitive benefits of doing so are through the roof. The visual nature of these assets are second to none and, best of all, they are extremely easy to produce when you build off an existing piece of content. For example, string together a number of topical blogs in order to create an eBook. Or, deconstruct a whitepaper and create an infographic. Call out the most impactful statistics/numbers from the asset and feature them with attention-grabbing visuals.

  1. Commit to a new social platform

This can be whichever social platform your heart desires—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. Expand your horizons by joining a social platform that is out of the box but still resonates with your target audience.



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