Given the many benefits of blogging, it’s no wonder companies are so eager to get their blog up and running at any cost. While this steadfast approach is commendable, it usually means companies (inadvertently) jump into blogging completely unprepared.

You might be thinking, “Hey, at least I got my blog off the ground. That’s got to count for something, right?” In my opinion, the consequences of blindly blogging far outweigh the benefits of establishing a new blog. Here’s why…

Without some sort of long-term strategy to sustain your blog, it will quickly burn out. Consider the strategic steps some companies are taking in relation to blogging, as shared in CMI’s 2016 “Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” report:

  • 44 percent of B2B marketers meet daily or weekly to discuss the progress of their content marketing initiatives.
  • B2B marketers allocate anywhere from 28 to 46 percent of their total marketing budget to content marketing initiatives, like blogging.

If you are unable to meet to discuss your blog, or don’t have a big enough team or budget to be able to do so, one thing you can do before launching your blog to ensure ongoing success is to create one to three whitepapers.

Whitepapers are considered extremely valuable pieces of content. They are in-depth, substantial and offer unique information that will teach readers something new. By writing one or more whitepapers on topics that relate to the core of your business, you will be able to better structure your blog, as well as choose topics that align with your value proposition.

Consider these whitepapers content pillars; they provide clarity as to how to direct your blog as you move forward. This will without question give you a competitive edge, considering that 55 percent of companies either don’t have clarity on what content marketing success looks like or are not sure, according to CMI.

Also gate these whitepapers in order to improve lead generation efforts, and promote them via email, in eNewsletters (if possible) and throughout your blog by hyperlinking to their download forms. Consider these whitepapers the foundation of your blog strategy from which you draw inspiration, seek content direction and are reminded of the purpose of your strategy as a whole. The more whitepapers you produce, the greater the benefits.

Don’t be part of the 70 percent of companies that do not believe they are effective at content marketing. It’s obviously never a bad idea to launch a blog, but jumping into blogging prematurely can cost you. Make sure to prepare for your blog with a sustainable, underlying strategy that will keep things running for the long-term.

Want a more in-depth review of whitepapers? Click here for seven solid reasons why you should get started with whitepapers today.

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