Don’t be mistaken—companies across every industry need content marketing in order to bolster brand awareness, engage with customers and increase thought leadership. There are a few industries, however, that may benefit above the rest.

Business owners competing for market share within the technology, education and self-help markets should be closely evaluating their content marketing strategies and getting ready to make their next best move. Let’s kickoff this three-part series by exploring the first of these industries, an industry that I have been covering for years: technology.



Companies in this industry may be involved in telecommunications, cable/Internet, mobility, M2M, IoT, or consumer electronics. Here’s why companies operating in the technology sector desperately need content marketing:

  • They are not well-known for stellar customer service: Chances are you have experienced a nightmarish call center experience with your cable or Internet service provider; you may have even given them a poor review online or said something negative about them on social media as a result. According to 24/7 Wall Street’s 2015 “Hall of Shame,” cable, satellite and wireless service providers made up six of the top 10 companies with the worst customer service. Custom, original content is designed to engage, inform and (if done correctly) capture the hearts and minds of customers and prospects. For an industry that is unfortunately known for unnecessarily complicated customer service that tends to leave customers frustrated, targeted, high-quality content is imperative.
  • Their content needs disentangling: Products and processes within the technology industry are vastly more complicated compared to those within health and beauty or retail, for example. Unless you’re a CIO or an IT wizard, it can be difficult to understand technological terms or how specific processes work. The task of explaining these processes in order to connect and engage with prospects and customers becomes even more difficult considering that many companies aim to speak in layman’s terms. In other words, many technology companies understand that their average consumer may not understand how everything works; therefore, most copy is produced in a way that strikes a balance between informative yet understandable.
  • They need a specific expert to effectively achieve their goals: Most CIOs or IT guys are not inherent writers, which is where specialized tech-centric content marketers come into the picture. A qualified content marketer should ideally have some experience covering a specific industry before being considered for employment; however, when it comes to technology, this is absolutely mandatory. The learning curve for the technology industry is too long and exhausting for a novice writer—even if he or she has solid marketing experience. The knowledge required to natively write (and creatively think) about the technology industry is something that not every writer touts. Similarly, this unique challenge is not faced by every industry.

Education is up next! Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series, coming soon.

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