2016 is well underway…what has your organization been doing on the content marketing front? Hopefully you’re close to achieving all of your Q1 initiatives (or even better, you already have). If you need a push in the right direction or some extra motivation, here are three questions you can ask to help improve your content marketing strategy:

How often am I blogging every month?

If you’re blogging at all then you’re headed in the right direction, but how often you blog will determine your level of success. What will also determine success is the size of your company. For example, research from HubSpot shows that small companies (11-25 employees) that blog three times per week—or about 11 blogs per month—drive significantly higher traffic than small companies that publish fewer than 11 blogs. Companies with over 200 employees experienced 3.5 times more site traffic when publishing over 11 blogs per month, compared to those who only post one or two.

Bottom line: You can always maximize the impact of the one or two blogs you produce every month, but increasing that number will enable you to most effectively achieve your top goals.

Am I only blogging?

Again, if you’re blogging then you’ve already taken a step in the right direction. But remember that this post is all about pushing yourself and continuously seeking improvement. If you’re only blogging, you should consider adopting a new content marketing tactic to expand your customer reach, improve your lead generation efforts, and even see more qualified leads. Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that the average B2B organization uses 13 different content marketing tactics—from whitepapers to case studies to eBooks to infographics.

Bottom line: A solid blogging platform is vital to any content marketing strategy, but the most successful strategies are comprehensive and integrated. Different content tactics engage customers in different ways; after all, blogs don’t resonate with every type of customer.

Am I keeping up with social?

The question is not if you are on social, but whether you are keeping up with your social platforms. You should be engaging with your followers on a daily basis across each social platform you’ve adopted—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. If you’re sharing fresh content—like blogs—everyday on social, ask yourself whether you’re joining conversations on social or sharing the content that other thought leaders are posting. Establishing a solid social presence requires more work than simply copying and pasting the headlines of your blogs and clicking “tweet.”

Bottom line: Social engagement truly is a full-time job, but if you launch a social platform for your company, you cannot abandon it. You need to put in the work—or hire someone to do it for you.

No one said that content marketing was easy; it’s hard work, but it’s worth it. Challenge yourself by asking the tough questions verses resting on your laurels.

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