Routines are good for us; they keep us in gear and allow us to ease into a healthy schedule. What keeps our minds sharp, however, is variation to the monotonous. Throwing a wrench in plans is what kick starts our minds differently. Mixing things up is what forces us outside of our comfort zones, enabling us to perceive situations and outcomes in a new way. Sometimes it challenges us. These are all good things.


Simply put, making a conscious effort to step away from the norm—to rearrange things—is what keeps us fresh, reinvested and on our toes. This effort can positively affect the quality of work we produce.

In my opinion, leading content marketers understand the importance of resetting themselves to help themselves in the long run. Shaking up one’s schedule, for instance, can lead to an improved marketing campaign or a more innovative product launch. You may suddenly see that one thing your marketing strategy was missing with clear focus, whereas it was previously blurry and unidentifiable.

Here are three ways to shake things up at any given time to reset yourself (and in turn, help yourself!):

Sleep in—even just a little bit: If you’re used to rolling out of bed at 6 AM every morning, try setting your alarm for 6:15. Chances are you won’t be making a significant impact on your morning commute or ability to get to work on time, but you will be forcing your brain and body to respond to your morning schedule differently. Or, challenge yourself to wake up at 5 AM and workout before work, verses after. If you work from home and can afford to do so, try sleeping in until 7 or 7:30 once or twice a week. See what kind of difference this makes on your body, mind, and ability to create.

Get outside—even just for a few minutes: On a busy day it feels impossible to think about taking a lunch break, let alone going outside to get fresh air. Our minds tell us we’re too busy to spend one minute away from our desks (there’s important work to be done!!) but it’s important that we take breaks…even if we must force ourselves to. Not only does fresh air and exercise help us reset our minds but, in taking time for ourselves, we are reminding ourselves that we are important, too. Our work will get done eventually; we must also be mindful of ourselves and our stability.

Veg out—seriously: No, you are not being lazy. You are not being a hard worker. You’re simply burned out and need time to relax. Spending idle time is critical for our creative minds. Think about all of the times a brilliant idea came to you in the shower or when you were passing time doing nothing. Oftentimes, the best ideas strike when we’re not trying to think about them. Watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix, do some searching on Pinterest or check out the latest via your favorite news outlet. In doing so, you could be helping yourself and improving your marketing strategy.

Do yourself a favor this week and press the reset button. You’ll be shocked not only by how great it feels, but by the results you’ll see from doing so.

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