Market research is key for creating a successful and lasting content marketing strategy. Consider, for example, a business that just released a new eBook. Nowadays, a press release alone won’t be enough to get the word out and engage with targeted persons of interest.

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On the other hand, aggregating data such as social contact information for interested organizations/bloggers; impactful quotes and statistics from the publication; and national holidays for promotional purposes can help drive the initiative with force. Marketing teams can quickly draw relevant and accurate information from this collection of data in order to stimulate their initiative and do their jobs more effectively and productively.

Creating this kind of media kit is just one of many ways that organizations can equip their marketing teams with information that enables them to create profitable campaigns. As a freelancer, I thoroughly enjoy extensive market research projects because they enable me to learn something new every time.

Given the many benefits of conducting market research, it’s no surprise that 61 percent of B2B marketers surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute said that research reports were effective. Research reports (and other research-oriented content marketing initiatives) actually generated a higher effectiveness rating than eNewsletters, blogs and infographics!

That same research shows, however, that less than half of organizations are honing in on backend research as part of their content marketing plans. In fact, research reports didn’t even make the cut as one of the top 13 content marketing tactics being used today.

There could be a few reasons for this low percentage. For instance, market research takes time (on average, the market research projects I do for my clients take anywhere between 25-35 hours to complete). Today, organizations simply don’t have this time to afford. For small business owners or entrepreneurs without a marketing department, there’s usually no time to even offer given their position. Those marketing tasks that are time- and budget-friendly usually take precedence because, realistically, they are the easiest to complete.

Despite the challenges associated with extensive market research, I still heavily encourage organizations to do the necessary backend work because that is what will transform their strategies; that is what will take things from good to unbeatable.

It’s clear that market research is key for content marketing success. If you lack time to conduct the market research needed to accomplish your various goals and initiatives, feel free to reach out to me to continue the conversation at

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