I wrote this blog just about one year ago and still believe this topic resonates with marketers everywhere. It’s not easy to write quickly and strategically but, with the right tools and experience, it can be done.

We’ve all been there before: You look at your schedule and begin to feel overwhelmed by a wave of impending calls, reminders and meetings, but you need to complete an article by end of day in order to make deadline.

This is when it’s time to flex those strategic muscles. It’s about putting pen to paper quickly yet in a way that is intentional. It’s a difficult balance to strike; however, once you learn how to free yourself from the constraints of time, you can perform your job in the most impactful way.

writing quickly.jpg

The goal is to write quickly yet strategically—a talent that all highly successful content marketers should learn to master. Here are three best practices to keep in mind for doing so:

Trim the fat: As any marketer knows, strategic writing takes time. So see what avenues you can take to free up your day. Look for tasks that can be pushed ahead or revisited so that your time can be used when it’s needed most. Also try to make judgment calls that align with the bigger picture at hand. For example, if you know a project has been pushed to Q2 but you still see a calendar reminder to work on it that day, reset the reminder for the next month. You might be surprised at just how much time you can regain by strategically rearranging items on your “to do” list.
Create an arsenal of go-to collateral: It can take more time to conduct research for an article than to actually write it. Avoid having to inundate yourself with Google searches by compiling a number of go-to resources (supporting collateral) for a specific topic or industry. Save and store links to compelling statistics and market research, for example, or actionable use cases or tried and true best practices and tips.

Get in the game mentally: Sometimes, the biggest barrier to succeeding is simply one’s mindset. If you tell yourself you cannot write quickly and strategically then you won’t be able to. If you see that your schedule looks hectic for the day, do some rearranging to create more white space on your calendar—it can be a huge confidence booster. For example, bundle multiple tasks into one calendar reminder so that you feel less overwhelmed. This uncluttered visual can be extremely helpful.

Remember that when it comes to writing quickly yet strategically, half the battle is having the right mental attitude and preparation. Good luck!

Originally written for Business 2 Community.


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