eNewsletters are a big deal. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 “Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” report, 81 percent of B2B marketers produce eNewsletters and 60 percent believe they are effective.


If you plan to create an eNewsletter this year, it’d be wise to consider these different types of consumers and the reasons why they subscribe (and unsubscribe) to brands:

  • Subscribes for perks: This is the consumer who admittedly subscribes to an eNewsletter just for a perk (like a one-time discount) and then unsubscribes. There wasn’t anything wrong with the eNewsletter; that individual simply wasn’t invested and had no interest in paying any further attention. Nothing personal!
  • Subscribes out of initial interest, but loses it: This consumer may subscribe to an eNewsletter because of a big piece of news that was revealed (like a store opening nearby). That initial excitement, however, will eventually fade. As such, the consumer’s eNewsletter intrigue will likely dwindle as well if the content isn’t engaging or attention-grabbing.
  • Subscribes and checks every so often: This consumer decides to subscribe to an eNewsletter because he or she was constantly checking into a brand’s website for news and updates. The person may click on the eNewsletter every once in a while based on how relevant or attention-grabbing the email’s subject line is.
  • Subscribes and faithfully checks: This is a loyal brand advocate who not only clicks on eNewsletters, but reads them through all the way to the bottom. There is either a deep-rooted sense of loyalty the customer has to the brand or the content is simply out of this world. Either of these factors can genuinely motivate customers to look forward to every new eNewsletter that hits their inbox.

At the end of the day, eNewsletters are all about crafting compelling copy that is relevant, timely and useful for readers. The goal is that subscribers will find the content engaging and worthy of sharing.

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