Happy Groundhog Day! Perhaps you’ve heard the news: Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring. For this summer lovin’ East coast girl, this is certainly good news. For business owners, however, an early spring should signal one thing: spring cleaning.

Business leaders should consider now a good time to conduct a thorough cleaning of their organizations. Just as one might perform such meticulous tasks as wiping walls and ceilings, vacuuming and shampooing rugs or dusting bookshelves at home, business owners should look into the cracks and crevices of their companies to see what strategies, processes, partnerships, etc. need to be polished up or trashed.

spring cleaning

Here are a few suggestions for giving your marketing strategy a good, deep cleaning:

Decide which marketing tactics need to be trashed or revisited: I certainly encourage companies to try new marketing tactics in order to revitalize their strategies. There inevitably comes a time, however, when you notice some strategies don’t work as well as others. Perhaps your eNewsletter campaign is too similar to your blog subscription. Maybe your podcast launch unexpectedly fizzled. It could be you don’t have enough time to create new videos for your YouTube account. Determine which tactics resonate most with your target audience, and consider chucking or revisiting the others.

My suggestion: Do not get rid of social accounts like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. This is the holy grail of social marketing. Make time to stay current with these.

Dust off your analytics tools: Reporting and analytics are fundamental for marketing success. If it’s been six months since you’ve refreshed your SEO keywords, for example, you may want to consider doing so in order to optimize your content as needed. You may also want to revisit those analytics tools you either don’t use anymore or have found no need for. “Analytics” is a huge marketing buzzword, and it can drive organizations to overspend on tools and technologies.

My suggestion: Don’t do anything until you read this article that lists three strategic ways to use Google Analytics to your advantage.

Get rid of all old marketing materials: Marketers are known for having way too much clutter on their computers. We’ll save important documents on our personal drive, shared folder and desktop—just to be careful. Dig deep into your folders and do a thorough cleaning; get rid of that blog you wrote back in 2012, for example, or that webinar script that never even got used. This task is time consuming, but so very worth it.

My suggestion: Take time on a weekend to get this done, verses overwhelming yourself during the work week. You’ll want to carefully go through your documents, so avoid feeling rushed.

Hopefully these cleaning tips are helpful for you, and here’s to hoping spring is here soon!

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