This is how content marketing should be done…

As an independent content marketer and former Director in the agency world, I understand what businesses  want most from their content marketing partner (and don’t get). I understand the inherent challenges faced along the journey to content marketing success. I offer the one-on-one support and personalization needed to truly differentiate content production and strategy (something that understaffed, overworked agencies can’t provide) at a fraction of the cost of most providers. You decide what services you need, how and when you need them. Choose what projects you want to work on as you go, or bundle services to save. No contracts. No pressure. No worries.

I love helping narrate the profound stories of some of today’s most revolutionary brands. Let’s get started telling yours.

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Allison is savvy, organized and highly motivated; a perfect combination of qualities that you want on your side. She gave me a range of options to choose from and really took the time to know me and my business goals before diving into a marketing strategy. Not only does she truly listen and take the time to carefully prepare, but she follows up and redirects as needed. She is an extra set of eyes guarding something that is important to you.

Melissa Oddo, Independent Lifestyle Consultant

Allison was asked to write a whitepaper that ended up completely exceeding my expectations! She took a lot of initiative, needed very little direction and conducted her own, very thorough research. The result was an interesting, informative, easy to read paper. Furthermore, when she was only a quarter way in, the opportunity to use the paper in a customer RFI emerged and she was asked to accelerate the delivery of the paper, which she happily accommodated!

Camille Campbell, Product and Solutions Marketing Manager at Avaya

Allison and I clicked immediately. She’s a phenomenal writer with an incredibly enthusiastic and thoughtful personality. She can interact brilliantly with people at every level of business. When she shares a blog with me for review, I’m always amazed by how little it needs to be edited (as a writer myself, I am all too used to rewrites!) She captures the voices of our execs perfectly and has a very strong tech background, which means her work is completed in record time. Allison is amazing at what she does and always exceeds my very high expectations.

Kellie Walenciak, Head of Employee Engagement at Avaya Inc.

The last time I worked with Allison, I gave her a challenge: create website copy for an unreleased/unfinished product! We knew we wanted ‘matter-of-fact,’ non-technical, and personable writing, but other than a potential name and logo, that was the extent of the direction. Luckily, all it took was meeting with Allison once and we got our copy a few days before deadline. I was surprised by how much I liked it (given how little direction we gave her!) and it fit with our vision. Ultimately, I was extremely happy with the copy.

Alex Misevski, Product Marketing Manager at Zang

“Allison is an incredible writer with a knack for social storytelling. She has helped me turn a client’s printed publication into a year’s worth of interesting and engaging social updates. She does her research, she is detail-oriented, and she knows what works with social media marketing.”

Emily Cretella, Founder of Cursive Content Marketing

Allison is very well-versed in the telecommunications industry as well as marketing. Her articles are always done ahead of schedule and are well thought out, interesting, and informative. Not only is her work fantastic, but she’s also an easy person to work with and has such a great personality.

Natalie DeCario, Marketing Communications Manager, VoIP Innovations

Working with Allison has proven to be a ‘breath of fresh air.’ She has freed me up to work on special projects while ensuring my blogs are timely and filled with content that matters most to my target audience. Allison also has a laser approach to strategic planning and execution, keeping me on point with projects we are working on. I also love her wealth of knowledge and expertise in social media. Allison is smart, friendly and very easy to work with, you will not be disappointed with how she crafts her work with you.

Robert R., Guest Experience Expert

From the moment Allison took on our account she hit the ground running with ideas, enthusiasm, professionalism and an understanding of the industry. She always comes to the table with creative, innovative, and out-of-the-box ideas for content. When she hands off an article for review, it is near perfect every time. I never had to worry about my content when it was in Allison’s hands, and she always delivered it on time.

Terry Rendall, Internet Marketing Director at Wolfe Internet

“I had the pleasure of working with Allison for the past year. She helped write the content for my monthly blog. I can honestly say I looked forward to our monthly meeting as Allison was creative, professional and a true pleasure to work with! On months I struggled with ideas for content she always knew the perfect questions to ask to help get the content flowing! I felt she accurately was able to capture who I truly am through her listening and very gifted writing abilities!”

Jenna Marzullo-Stockwell, Independent Associate at Viridian Energy

“I am a small business owner and have had the pleasure of working with Allison. She has allowed me to take on more work and keep my business running with a new baby. Allison has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She has provided myself and my clients with creative, professional and innovative work–from social research projects to blogs to e-newsletters and much more. Her blog posts are a hit with my audience! I look forward to continuing to work with Allison!”

Liz Stone, Founder and CEO of Mint Leaf Media